Friday, March 2, 2012

Sandra Fluke on How To Be a Ho

Heard about the kefluffle between Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the poor, broke, horny college student?

"Following Georgetown Law Student Sandra Fluke’s controversial testimony about the alleged cost of birth control, conservative talk radio hosts Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have been having a field day. Specifically, they take issue with the piece of Ms. Fluke’s testimony where she claims birth control can cost over $3000 over the course of law school — a claim which would only be true if a particular student had sex at least three times in a single day using condoms." (more)

Here's my take on it. Last time I checked, there were two people (or more - we are talking about college here) involved in any sex act requiring birth control. If you can't chip in together to afford a condom, maybe sex shouldn't be the first thing on your financial obligation list.

As for Rush and Glenn, if you aren't asking for them as tax payers to subsidize your sexual activity, how often you have sex and what birth control method you choose is none of their damn business. Go before congress and give a sob story about how difficult it is to afford getting laid while going to law school so your birth control needs to be subsidized? Then you, as a student allegedly smart enough to be enrolled in a law program should expect negative feedback. Yes, even to the extent of being called a slut. Because, if someone else is paying for you to have sex...well...admit it...ya are.

This is not a slam against women, some kind of moral judgement on premarital sex or a handy way to drag women's reproductive freedoms back in to the dark ages as some people might think. None of that is even the issue. The issue is expecting other people to pay for your lifestyle choices. If you want people to pay for you to have sex, be prepared to be called a ho.

A simple school transfer could help Sandra immensely