Monday, April 29, 2013

Second opinion triggers lost custody

In the coming brave new world of more government control in health care, what will happen if you disagree with a doctor? In the case of the Nikolayev family, seeking a second opinion before a recommended major surgery for their 5 month old resulted in CPS taking their baby away.
"While getting a second opinion at Kaiser Permanente, police showed up. However, they were told that the baby was fine and so the cops left the scene. A doctor even wrote a note saying that the baby was safe.

Unfortunately, the next day everything changed. CPS and the police showed up at the family’s home and forcefully removed the baby from his mother’s arms. Anna Nikolayev had no choice but to hand over Sammy Nikolayev."

This baby was originally taken to the hospital for the flu. Then the parents were told they baby needed heart surgery. They did not take the baby home and ignore the doctors. They went directly to another hospital. It is perfectly reasonable for them to make sure such invasive surgery is absolutely necessary before letting a doctor cut open their 5 month old's chest.

The scary part is that the Obamam care plan is not even totally in place. Things are going to get much worse when the plan is fully implemented in 2014. As someone who had to totally buck government health recommendations to regain my health, this topic is of great concern to me.

It was only through a low-carb, high-fat diet that I cured my high blood pressure, lost weight, stabilized my blood sugar levels, and avoided progressing from pre-diabetes to a full-blown case of type 2 diabetes. The diet I follow is 180ยบ opposite from the government's low-calories, low-fat, high-grain diet recommendations.

In the world of Obamacare, what happens when you go to the doctor and mention you eat low-carb? If he or she wants to keep their license, they tell you to go back to eating whole grains and low-fat. In my case, that is what made me sick and fat in the first place. What if you feed your kids paleo or low-carb? You believe it is the healthiest way to build a growing healthy body. You have reams of data to support your belief. The doctor or insurance company or child protective services believes otherwise because the government tells them so. Will this cause you to lose custody?

When simply asking for a second opinion triggers government officials to forcibly remove a child from their home, you can be sure going against official policy concerning your and your family's lifestyle and dietary guidelines will put you at serious risk of armed bureaucratic intervention.