Sunday, December 15, 2013

Someone needs a dictionary!

See then entire episode and the other guest cracking up at Juan's moment of total delusion here.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mayor Bloombert?

As I was sipping my morning coffee and viewing the interwebs for news, the following headline caught my eye.

The article itself had some valuable advice from the Mayor about hard work, but the headline made me laugh. Surprisingly, this wasn't the first time I had heard the advice to limit your bathroom time to ensure business advancement so I had to go seek out the original source.

Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip, tackled the bladder/business advancement correlation years ago. Below is a "Bloombert" update to the classic Dilbert lesson about the importance of bladder capacity to career success.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

College. The next bubble?

From CBS NEWS: "Total federal student loan debt is now estimated to be close to $1.2 trillion. 

That debt, including both federal and private college loans, crossed the $1 trillion dollar mark at the end of 2011. However, federal student debt, including the popular Stafford Loans, has now reached the milestone all by itself, according to a new estimate by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. "

Friday, June 21, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Global Climate Shenanigans

I was in middle school and high school during the "ice age scare" years. There was a full-blown propaganda push to get people to reduce energy use, increase government power, and generally have people turn their lives around in the name of saving the environment or we would all end up under a 20' sheet of ice. In other words, it was the same rhetoric we hear now in the name of saving us from 'global warming', which was then modified to 'global climate change' when the earth failed to actually warm. Check out this flashback that shows the propaganda retread from Real Science

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Journalistic trash-talk

I have heard a lot of people trash news sources like Breitbart, The Blaze and Fox lately. They are painted as extreme right-wing media and any story coming from them is suspect. When you press their detractors for specifics, you hear often hear "they LIE!" or "they just promote the republican party line!" 

When asked what news sources they prefer, you get a list that includes NPR, Huffington Post, CNN, and MSNBC. Yet all of these media companies could easily be classified as being "creative" with their facts and quick to tow the democratic party line. Especially after a Huffington Post contributor publicly admitted  having "political commitments on the left" and MSNBC was caught for the 4th time in less than a year selectively editing video to change a story and fit a particular slant

First of all, regardless of where you get your news, verify the source. In the age of the internet, there is no excuse for not following up on a questionable story. Second, here is one specific case where the people at Breitbart and Fox News were painted by the left as a bunch of right-wing, racist nut jobs. Turns out Breitbart's reporting and Fox's follow up of the story were right all along.

"Breitbart directed investigations of the Pigford fraud and championed the cause of the original black farmers in the lawsuit, arguing that many of them had been left behind while opportunistic lawyers and fraudulent claimants looted the federal treasury in exchange for votes and support.
The left, led by the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America, attempted for years to dismiss claims of fraud in Pigford, calling it Breitbart's "stupidest conspiracy theory." When Fox News picked up the story, Media Matters called it an attempt to attack "anti-discrimination efforts.

In fact, the 5,529-word report by LaFraniere shows that Pigford and subsequent settlements had little to do with redressing discrimination and everything to do with politics and greed, while the true victims of discrimination continued to suffer in obscurity." - full story here 

This one example does not mean Breitbart, The Blaze or Fox News is always correct. It does show that dismissing them as biased while CNN, NPR, and the Huffington Post are held up as some pillar of truth is ridiculous. 

Everyone has a bias. Fact. Trashing the bias of the right while ignoring the bias of the left doesn't do anyone any favors. Check any story you read for additional sources. Examine your own bias when reading the news. Be honest with yourself and demand honesty from your news sources. Finally, don't be so quick to dismiss news just because it comes from someone you don't like or a source that doesn't share your politics.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Second opinion triggers lost custody

In the coming brave new world of more government control in health care, what will happen if you disagree with a doctor? In the case of the Nikolayev family, seeking a second opinion before a recommended major surgery for their 5 month old resulted in CPS taking their baby away.
"While getting a second opinion at Kaiser Permanente, police showed up. However, they were told that the baby was fine and so the cops left the scene. A doctor even wrote a note saying that the baby was safe.

Unfortunately, the next day everything changed. CPS and the police showed up at the family’s home and forcefully removed the baby from his mother’s arms. Anna Nikolayev had no choice but to hand over Sammy Nikolayev."

This baby was originally taken to the hospital for the flu. Then the parents were told they baby needed heart surgery. They did not take the baby home and ignore the doctors. They went directly to another hospital. It is perfectly reasonable for them to make sure such invasive surgery is absolutely necessary before letting a doctor cut open their 5 month old's chest.

The scary part is that the Obamam care plan is not even totally in place. Things are going to get much worse when the plan is fully implemented in 2014. As someone who had to totally buck government health recommendations to regain my health, this topic is of great concern to me.

It was only through a low-carb, high-fat diet that I cured my high blood pressure, lost weight, stabilized my blood sugar levels, and avoided progressing from pre-diabetes to a full-blown case of type 2 diabetes. The diet I follow is 180ยบ opposite from the government's low-calories, low-fat, high-grain diet recommendations.

In the world of Obamacare, what happens when you go to the doctor and mention you eat low-carb? If he or she wants to keep their license, they tell you to go back to eating whole grains and low-fat. In my case, that is what made me sick and fat in the first place. What if you feed your kids paleo or low-carb? You believe it is the healthiest way to build a growing healthy body. You have reams of data to support your belief. The doctor or insurance company or child protective services believes otherwise because the government tells them so. Will this cause you to lose custody?

When simply asking for a second opinion triggers government officials to forcibly remove a child from their home, you can be sure going against official policy concerning your and your family's lifestyle and dietary guidelines will put you at serious risk of armed bureaucratic intervention.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Real unemployement numbers way worse than you thought

Did you know that if you have been long-term job hunting and haven't been able to find work, you are NOT considered unemployed? Since 1994, the long-term jobless were dropped from the official unemployment calculation. If you use the old formula and include the long-term jobless, our current unemployment rate is actually over 23% and CLIMBING. Check the blue line here...

This chart from shows the original unemployment calculation compared the the "official" numbers you see on the news. The also have REAL inflation numbers (around 5%), GDP (-2%), and other statistics that have been highly manipulated over the years. I recommend bookmarking their site and using their information over the government's bogus statistics.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

How many guns do I NEED?

The second amendment is not a hunting or self-defense from intruders statute. It is not written with a qualifier deciding how much ammo or what type of gun a person 'needs'. It is specifically written for people to be able to defend themselves from a tyrannical government. How well armed is the government?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Karma just ran over your Dogma

It was pretty obvious to those of us paying attention that taxes would be going up, and not just on rich people. The middle class are now starting to see what happens when you vote for a tax and spend democrat. First they go after the rich guys, and then they come for you.

Twitter and liberal forums were abuzz with people realizing that "the rich guy" now included them as their paychecks got 'necessarily' smaller.

"Really, how am I ever supposed to pay off my student loans if my already small paycheck keeps getting smaller? Help a sister out, Obama,” wrote “Meet Virginia.” 

“Nancy Thongkham” was much more furious. “F***ing Obama! F*** you! This taking out more taxes s*** better f***ing help me out!! Very upset to see my paycheck less today!”

“_Alex™” sounded bummed. “Obama I did not vote for you so you can take away alot of money from my checks.” 

Christian Dixon seemed crestfallen. “I’m starting to regret voting for Obama.” But “Dave” got his dander up over the tax hike: “Obama is the biggest f***ing liar in the world. Why the f*** did I vote for him”?" - full article on The Washington Times

Conservative forum poster R. Tischler commented on the Washington Times article "sorry, I just can't help myself. LOL?? Couple this with the news I gave my relatives that voted for the marxist regime that I am tapped out as a result of their policies and can no longer help them and that they should write to the white house for help from now on." Karma.