Monday, December 10, 2012

The tax trap

As we near the much bemoaned fiscal cliff, it appears the progressive Obama administration is making no attempt to solve the nation's budget woes. They continue to insist on a tax hike on "the rich" despite the fact that, even if they get their desired punitive tax, any money collected will only fund the government for 8 days.

This makes absolutely no sense unless you understand the end game for the progressives movement. They aren't just focused on the Unites States. They think globally. On a global scale, even the poorest U.S. citizen is actually quite rich by comparison. Just having a roof over your head and indoor plumbing makes you one of the privileged elite. Once the progressives get you to accept that "the rich" need to pay "their fair share" they will simply point out that "the rich" includes a majority of U.S. citizens regardless of their income. How long before the reality sets in that, compared to some third-world illiterate refugee living on a cup of rice a day, you are quite the fat-cat rich bastard?

With the idea that success and wealth needs to be punished via confiscatory taxing, it is easy to focus upward on the Donald Trumps of the world. Contemplating the demonization of millionaires and billionaires, hoping you might benefit from a "soak the rich" plan, remember to look behind you. There are way more desperately poor in the world who think even a lower-middle class lifestyle is quite excessive. It wont take much to convince them that you are rich and need to pay your fair share, too. If the Republicans cave in to the idea that the rich need to be heavily taxed, they are either idiots or are progressives themselves and fully understand the definition of rich might not be what voters think it is. Regardless of party affiliation, do not let anyone lead you in to the "tax the rich" trap.